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Hi, I'm Gus. I do stand-up comedy in New York City. It's my favorite thing to do, so I made this website about me doing it.

I'm lucky enough to perform regularly at The Lantern Comedy Club, so that's a pretty good place to find me. But you can also find me at New York Comedy Club, where my friends and I put on a monthly travel-themed stand-up and storytelling show called Comedy Road Trip.

Need a preview of what me doing stand-up looks like? Here's a clip of a recent 10-minute set at New York Comedy Club:




My first stand-up album, Nose Whistles, is now available for purchase on Gumroad!

Nose Whistles is 12 tracks worth of what, at the time, were my best jokes. Jokes about love, life, fear, death, and comedy itself. I don't do most of this material anymore, but I think it's still worth something, especially if you've never heard it.

That's why I'm making it available as a direct download for $3. You can also get the video version for $4. Or you can get both for $5. There's even an option to pay me more than that, which I assume was intended for parents.

The album was recorded at TakeOut Comedy Club in Hong Kong, with thanks to Jami Gong. Thanks also to Matt Urquhart for recording the audio, Aaron Michelson for videotaping, and Mary Grace Tate for the cover art.


Here is a complete list of every show I'll be performing on in the near future. Yes, it is accurate. I probably updated it yesterday. Click an event to see when and where it is and how you can reserve tickets:


I wrote, shot, and edited the following sketches. None of them will require more than 90 seconds of your time.

Breaking News

Starring Peter Wong


Starring Zain Sharif


Starring Jesse Perkins and Michael Temple

Keep In Touch

Starring Shana Goodman and Jesse Perkins

Test Results

Starring Isabel Hagen and Victoria Hoffman


Starring Jesse Perkins and Kimberly Dinaro


I've also written several Onion-style articles. No, I don't work for The Onion. I just really like The Onion.

Here are some of those articles. If you like them, please also check out the satirical news publication that I started with my friend Joe Schaefer. It's called The Minute Light.

Russia Banned From Participating In 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections

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Durham Bird Population Mourns Loss of Historic Place to Shit

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How to Be a Good Listener When You’re Actually Thinking About Iron Man Suiting Up

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Citipoop Service Opens in Manhattan

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Cosby Vows to Find Real Rapist

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Get Your Phone-Obsessed Partner to Notice You With This Unread Notification Headband

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I would like to apologize for certain thoughts I had while watching “Wonder Woman”

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Scientists Warn Trump’s Border Wall May Create Wall-Resistant Super-Mexicans

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Evidence of Racial Bias Found in Afterlife: Hell Disproportionately White

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Man Starting to Wonder if Girlfriend Just Using Him to Live Happy, Fulfilling Life Together

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BBC’s Planet Earth II Slammed for “Humansplaining”

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House of Cards Cancelled: “Plot No Longer Scarier Than Reality,” says Netflix

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Pope Drops in on Local Mass to Workshop Material for Upcoming Liturgy

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Restroom “Far”, Lies First Date Pooper

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Baby Trapped Inside Hot Mom

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