I'm Gus Tate.

I do stand-up comedy. I also make very short films. If you want to see either of those things, you're in the right place.

Alrighty then!

Here's me doing comedy

At New York Comedy Club in 2021


Here's where I'm performing next


Here are some short films I've made

None of them will require more than 90 seconds of your time.

Extra Toppings

Sometimes you gotta treat yourself to a little something extra.


Warning! Contents under pressure. Open at your own risk.

Art Of The Kill: Part Deux

Usama takes it to the next level.

Close Call

My daughter almost makes the biggest mistake of her life.


Always, ALWAYS read the label on microwavable potatoes.

Baby Phone

Every father's worst nightmare.

Starring Pearl Tate

Nap Time

Pop quiz, hotshot: How do you escape from a maximum security 3-foot prison under constant video surveillance?

Starring Pearl Tate.

The Bathroom Attendant

Pearl deals with some unnecessary help.

Starring Pearl Tate.

Around The Corner

Dr. Russell tries to help his patient out of a "sticky" situation. Then things really "take a turn".

Starring Joe Russell and Rob Stalkie.


A sketch about following the recipe.

Drink Tickets

A lesson in stand-up comedy economics.

Zain's Big Break

Zain gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

Starring Zain Sharif, Joe Schaefer, and Pearl Tate.

The Sandwich

Nataly makes Zain a sandwich with love.

Overly Aggressive Greetings

A sketch about aggressive greetings and gender equality.

Art Of The Kill

Usama delivers a master class in stand-up comedy.

Starring Usama Siddiquee.

Breaking News

A sketch about digesting the morning news.

Starring Peter Wong.


A sketch about proving you're human.

Starring Zain Sharif.


A sketch about not getting distracted.

Test Results

Isabel gets some life-changing news.

Keep In Touch

How the cool kids keep in touch in 2018.


One hot 30-second sketch with room for milk.

Here is a comedy album I recorded

Nose Whistles is 12 tracks of jokes about love, life, fear, death, and comedy itself. Available as a direct download for $3.

Buy it on Gumroad

Here are some articles I've written

They're satirical news articles in the style of The Onion.

Cosby Vows to Find Real Rapist

Man Starting to Wonder if Girlfriend Just Using Him to Live Happy, Fulfilling Life Together

Get Your Phone-Obsessed Partner to Notice You With This Unread Notification Headband

Baby Trapped Inside Hot Mom

Scientists Warn Trump’s Border Wall May Create Wall-Resistant Super-Mexicans

How to Be a Good Listener When You’re Actually Thinking About Iron Man Suiting Up

For more articles like this, check out The Minute Light.


Here are some photos of me

Click a photo for more like it.

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